Meet the two leverets helping Norfolk’s children learn

Library staff with the leverets. Picture: Mark Ivan Benfield

Library staff with the leverets. Picture: Mark Ivan Benfield - Credit: Mark Ivan Benfield

One part of the GoGoHares campaign which Norfolk residents may know less about is the GoGoCreate learning programme, the campaign behind the 164 leveret statues.

Sam Leonard with the leverets. Picture: Mark Ivan Benfield

Sam Leonard with the leverets. Picture: Mark Ivan Benfield - Credit: Mark Ivan Benfield

Each leveret is decorated by a school, group, or club, and is accompanied by a programme to get children involved in the project.

Funding for some of the leverets would not have been possible without the help from various organisations including The Assembly House Trust who have always been a proud supporter of the arts.

The Assembly House Trust is a registered charity, which continues to support and develop creative arts in the local community.

Sam Leonard, arts co-ordinator for the trust said: 'It is really good to get schools and groups involved in this type of project, who ordinarily would have missed out, and we are thrilled to be involved.'

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The first is the Beeston Leveret, inspired by each child at the school, and what school means to them.

It also incorporates the school's motto 'Be all you can' as well as the three primary colours: red, yellow and blue represent our house teams: Cromer, Wells and Holkham.

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The Beeston Leveret can be found in the Assembly House on the GoGoCreate mini trail.

The second is Dewey the Library Leveret, found at the Millenium Library.

'Dewey' is named after the Dewey Decimal System used in libraries to classify books and arrange them in numerical order.

In creating Dewey, young library users have chosen their favourite subjects and, using the library catalogue, have drawn the Dewey number for the subject along with a pictorial clue.

Sarah Salmon, event co-ordinator from the Millennium Library said: 'We have loved being part of the GoGoCreate project and do pop in and see our leveret amongst others who we are housing until 2nd September. All the books detailed on our leveret are available to see in the library and the Dewey system is our inspiration for this design.'

After September 5 until September 23 the leverets can be seen at the Exhibition called Lever'ART which is in the Undercroft Exhibition space under the memorial gardens at the back of Norwich Market.

No booking required but a £1 suggested donation to enter.

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