Artificial leg, front door and stethoscope among lost property on Greater Anglia trains

Greater Anglia has revealed some of the more unusual items passengers have left behind on its trains

Greater Anglia has revealed some of the more unusual items passengers have left behind on its trains. Picture: Sonya Duncan - Credit: Sonya Duncan

An artificial leg, a front door, musical instruments and a stethoscope are among items left behind on trains.

Rail operator Greater Anglia today revealed some of the more unusual items passengers forget to take with them when they get off its services.

It came as the company revealed people now face shelling out up to £25 in storage charges to collect lost property.

As well as the prosthetic limb, musical instruments mislaid by passengers include guitars, a saxophone, a keyboard and what was described as 'an expensive violin'.

Train staff have also found a valuable painting, a stethoscope, prams and pushchairs and sleeping bags.

More run of the mill items left behind by passengers include bicycles, wallets, glasses, mobile phones, bags, coats, shoes, umbrellas, books and school or college work.

Greater Anglia said that while every effort is made to reunite customers with their lost belongings, it is now reminding people to check they have everything when getting off the train.

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Andrew Goodrum, the firm's customer service director, said: 'Our teams work hard to reunite people with their items of lost property.

'However, we always encourage people to take a good look around when leaving the train, to make sure they have all of their belongings.

'I am pleased that our colleagues have recently reunited owners with their musical instruments, as these are often very sentimental.'

Passengers who can collect lost items within 24 hours are not charged when they go to pick them up.

But after that, they face charges ranging from £20 plus £1 a day storage for a laptop, £10 plus £1 a day for a mobile phone or tablet, £3 plus £1 a day for a surfboard or skis and £2 plus 50p a day for a luggage item, umbrella, or musical instrument.

Greater Anglia says charges have been set according to rail industry guidelines and are capped not to exceed £25, £15 or £5 depending on the value of the item.

Elsewhere on Britain's rail network a complete human skeleton, a 6ft inflatable dinosaur, a haggis, a framed photograph of Mary Berry and a Barry Manilow CD have all been left on trains.