Around 1,000 bikers join protest ride against EU rules around Norwich

Around 1,000 motorcycles rode in convoy along the A47 outside Norwich yesterday to draw attention to European anti-modification legislation which has angered bikers.

After swarming the car park at the Sainsbury's supermarket on Longwater Lane, Costessey, the bikers rode east along the A47 at around 40mph before dispersing their separate ways after about 20 minutes.

The Motorcycle Action Group (MAG) organised the protest rides all around the UK and Ireland on Sunday, with 105 starting points attracting an average of around 400 riders.

Elsewhere in Norfolk there was also more than 400 riders take part in the protests from Barton Mills services on the A11 and more than 70 from West Lynn services.

The European Union proposals that have angered bikers include banning motorbikes from cities, making the rider responsible in an accident with another vehicle if they weren't wearing day-glo colours and making all bikes fit Euro specification parts, which MAG claims will put local garages out of business.

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European Type Approval Regulations would bring compulsory ABS (Automatic Brake Systems) to all new motorbikes alongside anti-modification measures and roadside spot checks to enforce them.

MAG is lobbying the Department for Transport, MEPs and MPs to roll-back the restrictions on motorbikes and their riders.

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Selina Lavender, MAG representative for East Anglia, said: 'A massive thank you to all the riders that turned out to show that we are prepared to fight against any legislation that threatens biking. We hope that the MPs and MEPs will sit up and take notice.

'My apologies to anyone inconvenienced at Sainsbury's because of the numbers of riders that turned out, we dared not dream that the event would prove so popular.'

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