POLL: Which 'Banksy' murals do you think are genuine?

Street art depicting a rat drinking a cocktail has appeared at North Beach in Lowestoft.

Street art depicting a rat drinking a cocktail has appeared at North Beach in Lowestoft - but is it a Banksy? - Credit: Emma-lei Longhurst

Has Banksy been on a painting spree on the East Coast or is there some clever fakery afoot?

Seven artworks have appeared across multiple locations spanning Great Yarmouth, Gorleston, Lowestoft, and Oulton Broad.

But the Bristol-based artist has yet to throw his hat in ring, and experts say only some of the works are convincing.

While some match his previous murals in terms of style and content, others are said to be "weaker" and possibly the work of members of his team or another local artist who has been quick on the draw.

Although he has never before been known to do multiple pieces in a single spree - the undercover artist does not stick hard and fast to even his own rules, often surprising the art world as a still unknown quantity, so anything is possible.

Scroll through our poll to see the murals and have your say.

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And to find out where exactly you can see the works we have created an interactive map, just click on the red dot to see the mural and its location.

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