Appeal to fund a bionic hand after Great Yarmouth woman’s horror crash

Jade Morgan, 25, has been overwhelmed by the kindness of friends and people she has never met after

Jade Morgan, 25, has been overwhelmed by the kindness of friends and people she has never met after she lost her hand in a car accident on Easter Sunday.A fundraising effort has been launched to pay for a bionic prosthetic, not available on the NHS. - Credit: Archant

After losing her hand in a horrific car crash, a young woman hopes a state of the art bionic hand will help give back her independence.

Three months ago, Jade Morgan, 25, was driving home to Great Yarmouth from work in Norwich, when she crashed on the A47.

Her car skidded and then flipped over crashing into the central reservation at about 60mph.

She was told by paramedics she could have died if it wasn't for the quick actions of a van driver who stopped and tied a tourniquet around her arm to stop the bleeding. Her right hand was so badly damaged it had to be amputated.

Jade, who is right-handed, said she felt lucky to be alive, and was now adapting to everyday tasks again.

'Asking for help is difficult because I'm quite independent and like to do things for myself. It is like going back in time and being a little girl again.'

She added: 'My family have kept me going, and my friends have been amazing.'

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Jade, an assistant manager at a jewellery shop in Norwich, said: 'When I go out people do stare. It knocks your confidence completely.'

She hopes to raise £25,000 for a bionic hand, which is not available on the NHS in Great Yarmouth. The hand would give her the ability to move it using signals from her brain.

'A bionic hand will allow me to do day-to-day routine things I always used to be able to do.

'Unfortunately, where we live they are not provided on the NHS.'

Jade said it would mean she could do her own hair, cut up her food, tie her shoe laces – all things she had previously took for granted.

She also hopes to be able to drive again in a specially adapted car. So far she has raised around £5,000 through her online Go Fund Me page.

To donate to the fund for Jade's bionic hand, go to:

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