Appeal launched to help rescue dog battling to regain use of one of her legs

Christine Cansdale with Maisie the Dog. The RSPCA are looking to raise funds after Maisie had to ha

Christine Cansdale with Maisie the Dog. The RSPCA are looking to raise funds after Maisie had to have a major knee operation. - Credit: Nick Butcher

An appeal has been launched to help care for a rescue dog as she battles to regain the use of one of her legs.

Staffordshire bull terrier Maisy was rescued from a home in Waveney by RSPCA inspectors. She had been neglected by her owners and was hungry, thirsty and depressed when she was taken into care.

The three-year-old had also lost the use of one of her legs and an examination later revealed that she was suffering from a painful and untreated knee condition known as a luxating patella.

Vets were unable to confirm whether Maisy's condition was the result of an injury or if she had been born with it, but there were signs she might have been burned by cigarettes in the past.

The RSPCA's Suffolk East Coast branch agreed to pay almost £1,000 to fund urgent surgery to correct the problem and Maisy underwent the operation last Friday.

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She is currently recovering at the home of foster carers Chrissie and Fred Cansdale in Carlton Colville and is expected to regain the full use of her leg.

The branch is now appealing for donations to help meet the cost of the operation and replenish its funds.

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The independent branch generates all its own funds and relies entirely on local donations and sales from its charity shops in Lowestoft and Bungay to continue caring for and re-homing animals in the area.

Mrs Cansdale, who is also branch manager of the RSPCA charity shop in Lowestoft, said: 'Maisy was quite bright when she came to me really. I think she got used to dragging her leg around.

'She is such a lovely little dog she did not let it get her down. Her leg was useless in some ways. Sometimes she picked it up and at other times she dragged it.

'She was a little bit poorly immediately after the operation but she is brightening up now. It was a big operation so she is still on cage rest and she will have to take it easy for a few more weeks yet.'

Mrs Cansdale said Maisy was a sweet natured dog that deserved the chance to get better. She said her knee problem would not have improved on its own without the operation.

She added: 'Maisy is a very cuddly, loving dog and quite playful still. I have done fostering on and off for a while now and have dogs in that haven't had a clue what toys are. She just wants to play and wants to be with you. She is a typical Staffie and a lovely sweet natured little girl.'

Donations towards Maisy's treatment can be made at the RSPCA shops in London Road North, Lowestoft and Trinity Street, Bungay.

People can also text DOGS40 £(amount) to 70070.

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