Appeal for donations to help feed animals in need this Christmas

Wetnose Animal Aid founder Andrea Gamby-Boulger with her dogs Archie and Tammy. Picture: Nick Butche

Wetnose Animal Aid founder Andrea Gamby-Boulger with her dogs Archie and Tammy. Picture: Nick Butcher - Credit: Nick Butcher

The founder of an animal welfare organisation is calling on people to donate a pound or two to help feed four-legged friends in need over the Christmas holidays.

Wetnose Animal Aid, based in Kirby Cane, near Bungay, was formed 16 years ago to support small and less well-known rescue centres, and is once again launching its annual Doggie Dinners Christmas appeal to help with food bills.

Founder Andrea Gamby-Boulger ran a rescue centre in Loddon for 13 years, before launching Wetnose with her late husband Gavin, and knows how busy the holiday season can be.

She said: 'From December 1 onwards, stray dogs would start coming in from council wardens and we also collected from police stations when the police took in stray dogs.

'By the second week of December the kennels were half full. Some people would go on holiday and wouldn't pay kennel fees, some dogs were injured so owners wouldn't pay for vet bills, or some owners got rid of older dogs so they could get a new puppy.

'So please think about animals in our rescue centres this Christmas. Spare a thought for stray cats and injured hedgehogs and, of course, horses and ponies that get left and not fed properly in the winter months.'

Wetnose visits centres all over the country, and will be helping this Christmas with food bills and equipment such as incubators or cattle feeders.

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'This time of year there is always an increase in centres that need our help,' said Mrs Gamby-Boulger. 'And we have our Christmas turkey, so why shouldn't they have food too?'

Centres have to fill in an application form before funds can be sent to food companies.

Anyone who would like to make a donation can visit and click on the PayPal link or send a cheque to Wetnose Animal Aid Ltd, Newgate Lodge, Newgate, Kirby Cane, Norfolk NR35 2PP.

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