Anything you can do... – Rising star Joe aims to follow in brother Sam Claflin’s footsteps

Young Costessey acting star Sam Claflin has a new rival – his younger brother.

Twenty-three-year-old Joe Claflin is following in the footsteps of Sam, 26, who played William in the recent film Snow White and the Huntsman.

The second Claflin to graduate from the London Academy of Dramatic Art, Joe has landed himself a part in the television series Da Vinci's Demons.

'It's a very, very small part, but in a brilliant production with some big, very talented actors' he revealed.

As a boy, Joe had quite a different idea about his future: 'My mum says I wanted to be a police dog, genuinely.

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'But once I got over that phase, I thought, 'Why not be an actor?' They get to pretend to be trees and stuff so surely that's the closest I'll ever get to being a police dog.'

Reflecting upon the origins of his love of acting, he reminisces that: 'It all started at Costessey High', with drama teachers Dave Watson and Helen Curson: 'They were the ones that got me and Sam into this whole business.'

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Having only recently graduated, he has mixed feelings about the career ahead of him.

'I'm very excited … also very nervous. It's such a competitive business … I've been to a couple of auditions now where I've walked in to see a few clones waiting outside, and I think 'What's going to separate me from these guys?''

Although the two Claflin brothers share the same career, competitiveness is not an issue.

He admits: 'I get asked a lot: 'Do you find it annoying that your brother is doing so well?'

'But at the end of the day why would I? I support and follow him with unbelievable love and interest.'

With such love and affection between the brothers, he says he hopes that one day they'll work together, 'like the Chuckle Brothers.' Let's hope they steer clear of the facial hair.

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