Another pub could be demolished to make way for houses in Great Yarmouth

Suspension Bridge pub, Yarmouth.
Picture: Nick Butcher

Suspension Bridge pub, Yarmouth. Picture: Nick Butcher - Credit: Nick Butcher

Another pub in the Great Yarmouth area faces demolition and being converted into housing.

A painting of the disaster.

A painting of the disaster. - Credit: Archant

The Suspension Bridge pub in Bridge Road could close and be replaced by a four storey development of seven flats.

The applicant to Great Yarmouth Borough Council, Mike Young, said it was no longer possible to run a pub on the site.

He added: 'The existing pub is financially unviable and the existing building will not lend itself to any conversion and is of no architectural importance.'

MORE: Bid to preserve derelict pub could put spanner in the works for school expansionThe pub would be demolished making way for a development of two-bedroom homes.

A local pubs campaigner, county councillor Mick Castle, said it was always sad to see pubs go, adding: 'In recent years it's been a live music venue on a Saturday night.

'It's a shame but there are probably only 100 houses in Runham Vauxhall which isn't enough to sustain the business. If it doesn't make any money it's inevitable.'

The Iron Duke in North Denes and The Arches in Bradwell are other pubs under threat of being converted into homes.

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The four storey block in Bridge Road will have parking on the ground floor, with a space for each of the flats.

There would be three flats on the second and third floors and the fourth floor pent house would benefit from a roof terrace and a space left for an electric vehicle to be charged, as well as dedicated cycle storage.

The building is in a flood zone, but as no living accommodation is provided on the ground floor, this minimises the flood risk. The developer also wants to make the site energy efficient.

Mr Young said: 'It is felt that this design will greatly enhance its position in connection with future regeneration of the area.'

The pub is named after the former bridge which collapsed in 1845, killing 79 people. A blue plaque on the building records the event.

A clown called Nelson had arranged a promotional stunt for the circus on the river as a large crowd saw him sit in a barrel and be pulled down-river by four geese.

Hundreds of people, mostly children, gathered on the suspension bridge over the river Bure to see the spectacle before it collapsed under the weight of the crowd. It is recalled as the largest recorded loss of life in Yarmouth's history.

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