Another bloomin’ U-turn? Just what DOES this strange road sign at Hunstanton in Norfolk mean?

The mystery sign at Hunstanton. Picture: Chris Bishop

The mystery sign at Hunstanton. Picture: Chris Bishop - Credit: Archant

It's been the subject of heated debate up on the coast at Hunstanton.

As you approach the seaside town's Redgate Hill roundabout, a big flower and a white arrow invites you to turn back down the A149 the way you've come.

To confuse matters somewhat further, it comes after a sign a mile or so earlier, with a flower and an arrow pointing straight on.

Posters on the EDP King's Lynn facebook page had a few suggestions.

'Flower picking jobs round the roundabout,' asked many Ellwood.

Pat Ranger added: 'Go back, you missed the garden centre. And Angela James posted: 'Flowers send you round the bend.'

Norfolk County Council solved the mystery. A spokesman said it showed the way to Norfolk Lavender.

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'The meaning of the sign according to the Traffic Signs Regulations, is a 'Flower garden or horticultural exhibition.'

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