Annual Blessing of the Crosses ceremony in Great Yarmouth begins remembrance schedule

The Blessing of the Crosses next to the memorial in St Georges Park.Picture: James Bass

The Blessing of the Crosses next to the memorial in St Georges Park.Picture: James Bass - Credit: Eastern Daily Press © 2015

Respects were paid in St George's Park on Tuesday, ahead on Remembrance Sunday tomorrow, in the annual Blessing of the Crosses ceremony.

The ceremony was held by the First World War memorial at 11am and allowed people to go and place their crosses, with the names of servicemen who lost their lives during the war written on them, in the memorial area.

Major of Great Yarmouth, Shirley Weymouth, was in attendance and placed the first cross.

Cllr Weymouth said: 'I think it is so important for people to remember all those soldiers, officers and all the people who have lost their lives. They sacrificed their own lives for us so that we could live our lives in peace.'

Paul Williams, chairman of the Yarmouth branch of the Royal British Legion, stressed the importance of the ceremony.

He said: 'You have seen all the people here today placing their little wooden crosses. I think that it is essential and it is something that I personally get satisfaction from and I know that other people in the borough do, which is why we have crosses already here before the service took place.

'Its something we have done for years and something that we hope to continue doing. The memory of these people on the crosses must never be forgotten.

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'I think at this moment in time the world is beginning to forget from what we see and hear on the news so it is essential that we continue to do what we do and that we do it with dignity.'

Mr Williams also gave an update on the planned procedure on Remembrance Sunday. He said: 'We will meet at 9.30am in the market and a decision will be made then after checking the weather and the forecast. We are going to take everything into consideration and take everybody's advice then the decision will be made on whether we go to the minster or if we come back to St George's Park.

'If it is a day like today then we have to come here because it will be wonderful to be outside. We want it to be outside because we want as many people as possible to be able to attend.'