Anglia Square tower block will destroy city’s view of Norwich Cathedral, according to civic watchdog

The Norwich Society has raised concerns over plans to develop Anglia Square. Picture: Angela Sharpe

The Norwich Society has raised concerns over plans to develop Anglia Square. Picture: Angela Sharpe - Credit: Archant � 2008

Giving the green light to a 25-storey tower at Anglia Square would 'overwhelm' the surrounding area and open the door to further high rise development in the city centre, according to concerns raised by civic watchdog the Norwich Society.

Submitting their formal response to the second round of consultations for the future of the shopping district, the group say the signature building would 'damage the amenities of residents...who would feel dominated and overlooked.'

And they raise particular concern that the users of Catton Park would have their view destroyed.

Developers Weston Homes and Columbia Threadneedle expect to submit a planning application - which includes proposals for 1,350 homes - within weeks.

To achieve the quota of homes to make the plan cost-effective, a 25-storey tower is currently planned.

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Designers have described it as 'a signature residential building that will celebrate the regeneration of Anglia Square'. 'Its overall height will not exceed the height of the Anglican cathedral although will form part of the group of other buildings that create the distinctive Norwich skyline,' they add.

A comprehensive assessment is now underway with Norwich City Council to evaluate the impact of the tower on the skyline from 40 viewpoints around the city.

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The Norwich Society has labelled the tower 'ludicrous' and 'completely inappropriate'.

'We are also concerned that such a building would set an unwanted precedent for Norwich that could lead to such a building no longer be a landmark,' they say in their submission.

'We urge the developers to drop this proposal and accept the city council's planning guidance that seeks to ensure that the development would successfully integrate and improve the existing townscape character.

'We are also concerned that the height of the proposed buildings would impede the three strategic viewpoints in Norwich, from all of which Anglia Square is visible.

'We suspect that the proposed tower block will destroy the view of Norwich Cathedral tower and spire from many parts of the north of the city, notably from Catton Park. This view is described in the listing for the Grade Two Registered Park and its trustees make every effort to ensure it is maintained.'

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