Anger over more development plans for the Norfolk countryside.

Long Stratton

Long Stratton - Credit: Eastern Daily Press © 2011

A south Norfolk campaign group have highlighted concerns over the new houses proposed in council plans for the development of the A410 bypass.

Norfolk representatives from the Campaign of Rural England are concerned that the 1,800 new homes South Norfolk Council have planned for Long Stratton and the surrounding area could cause substantial damage to the rural area by increasing traffic flow in the area and the population in the area.

David Hook, chairman or the CPRE Norfolk planning group said: ' The CPRE supports the provision of a bypass for Long Stratton but not at the cost of such excessive over development.

'We live in a rural area and many people reply on their cars to get around.

'On average each household has 1.2 cars. This could see a further 2,760 extra cars in the area as the result from the new housing and will negate any gains a bypass can provide.'

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To support the Long Stratton action plan the council will be compiling a detailed transport assessment to support the planning application, the scope of which will need to be agreed with Norfolk County Council and the Highways Authority.

The transport assessment will help assess four key areas: what the traffic impacts of development are likely to be , what the potential solutions are, to what extent the new development causes or exacerbates those problems and consequently how much a developer might need to contribute to mitigate any impacts.

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Mr Hook said: 'We have a high quality of life in Norfolk. The countryside is not there just for local residents to enjoy but an escape for those working in the city.

'If we keep over developing the land this will all be lost. We have to ask what is your view on what the countryside should be?

The development plans which includes the A140 bypass was unanimously passed by councillors on Monday 26 January. The council meets again today to discuss possible plans to enforce compulsory purchase orders on landowners in the area and move the plans forward.

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