Americans cross the pond to visit Great Yarmouth for Towne family reunion

The Towne family associaiton in the Minster
Picture: Paul Davies

The Towne family associaiton in the Minster Picture: Paul Davies - Credit: Archant

Dozens of descendants of a Great Yarmouth man whose two daughters who were hung as witches have crossed the Atlantic Ocean for a family reunion.

On Sunday 36 descendants of William Towne visited Yarmouth where they held their annual meeting at the Minster and enjoyed a service and lunch there.

William Towne married his wife in Yarmouth in 1620 at St Nicholas Church and six of their children were baptised there.

The family moved to Salem in Massachusetts.

Two of their daughters, Rebecca Nurse and Mary Easty, were executed as witches at the witchcraft trials at Salem in 1692.

In the 18th century the descendants of the women were compensated by the American government for a wrongful conviction.

The family association has 5,000 members and they donate $500 every year to the Minster. Members also enjoyed a guided tour of the Minster by Dr Paul Davies.

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