Ambulance crews to wear body cams as attacks soar


It is all part of an NHS crackdown on abuse against its staff. - Credit: Archant

Body cameras are set to be rolled out for ambulance crew staff in an NHS crackdown against abuse.

3,569 ambulance staff were physically assaulted by the public last year – three times as many assaults compared to five years ago. 

Following successful trials in London and the North East, the NHS in England will roll out the cameras to crews in the 10 ambulance trusts across the country – three years ahead of the NHS Long Term Plan target. 

Medics will wear the cameras and be able to press a button to start recording if patients or the public became aggressive or abusive, with filming made available to police where needed.


Minister of State for Health and Social Care, Nadine Dorries, has welcomed the news. - Credit: PA

Minister of state for health and social care Nadine Dorries said: “Violence and abuse against our staff is absolutely abhorrent. The NHS and social care workforce have worked tirelessly to protect us all throughout the pandemic, and they deserve our full support and protection.

“I’m pleased the NHS is rolling out these body cameras ahead of schedule, as they have been proven to reduce incidents, make staff feel safer and can help bring violent offenders to justice."