Albany Road street party to celebrate Royal Wedding

People living in Albany Road had double reason to celebrate - not only was it Prince William and Catherine Middleton's wedding day but it was also the street's 125th birthday,

To mark the occasion Sarah Fleming, together with her partner Jonathan Collinson and neighbour Rachel Aitken, organised a street party for everyone who lived in Albany Road, off Waterloo Road, which kicked off at 1pm - giving everyone the chance to watch the Royal Wedding.

More than 80 people joined the party on the street, which was lined with red, white and blue bunting, feasting on a banquet laid out on trestle tables and enjoying music being played from a juke box.

The Juke Box was playing a range of music from throughout the years - to help mark 125 years of the street - while there was also a couple of live performances for people to enjoy.

The 29-year-old organiser, an administration assistant for the NHS Children's Centre in Upton Road, Norwich who only moved to the area just before Christmas, described it as an overwhelming experience.

She said: 'It's been lovely, everyone has been chipping in. The party didn't start until 1pm so everyone was able to watch the wedding before hand. Everyone is really happy and I think everyone is a bit overwhelmed its all going on in their street - it's lovely.

'Someone has made bunting out of big underpants and painted Union Jacks on them! Everything is home-made, it's quite shabby -chic and a bit kitsch. It's lovely to see everyone out together.'

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