Air Ambulance help elderly man at airport

A 73-year-old man was treated by air ambulance crew at Norwich airport this morning at approximately 9.30am.

The crew aboard Anglia One, which covers the Norfolk and Suffolk area, helped the elderly man after he was taken ill while waiting to take off on a flight to Egypt from Norwich Airport.

The patient was described as having shortness of breath and was feeling unwell.

Crew members Dr Haris Begovic and Paramedic Gary Steward, travelled by car across the airport attended to him.

Mr Steward said: 'It only took us less than ten minutes to get to the patient.

'The airport does have a large number of people going through the terminal, so it's often that we are closest to the scene there.'

The patient's condition was described as 'stable' and after an initial assessment he was taken to the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital by a road ambulance.

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