A life changing mission to Uganda for Diss woman

Emma Hamilton is raising money between sponsorship and donations from customers in the Diss Mere caf

Emma Hamilton is raising money between sponsorship and donations from customers in the Diss Mere cafe where she works to go to build a school in Uganda.Picture by: Sonya Duncan - Credit: Sonya Duncan

A south Norfolk woman is heading over to Africa to help disabled children receive an education.

In November, Emma Hamilton, from Winfarthing, near Diss will be embarking on a life-changing journey to help build a special needs school in Uganda.

She will join a small group of volunteers with the Christian organisation Mission Direct, which will be building a unit for disabled children at the Kitazigurukwa School in Rukungiri.

Miss Hamilton, 54 and a nursery nurse and café assistant at Diss' Mere Side Tearoom, will spend two weeks in the village.

But before she heads off Miss Hamilton is appealing for help to raise £3,000 to fund the school project and cover the cost of the trip.

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Miss Hamilton, 54 and from Church Lane, said: 'We forget sometimes how good we have it here in the UK. These disabled children in Africa have very little, and many are orphans because their parents are unable to cope.

'Any money raised by this appeal will go a long way to help these children live better lives.'

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Over the past few years Miss Hamilton has herself battled some difficult situations, but now feels that by helping others, she will also be helping herself move on.

'This is a life changing experience for me. I've been through tough times recently and this is me finding strength, picking myself up and moving on.

'Projects like these in Africa, absolutely put life into perspective and if I can help just one child, my mission is complete.'

The new unit at the Kitazigurukwa School will be only one of two schools in Africa that will be adapted for disabled children.

The plans have been designed to help children with special needs learn, play and integrate with mainstream pupils – something that is uncommon in Uganda.

So far Miss Hamilton has had a wonderful response from her friends.

June Knights, owner of Mere Side Tearoom, said: 'We are helping her fundraise at the café and I am incredibly proud of Emma and her mission, she is a wonderful lady.'

To donate towards Miss Hamilton's mission, visit https://mydonate.bt.com/fundraisers/emmahamilton2 or hand in your donation at the Mere Side Tearoom inside Diss Publishing.

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