A cycling revolution is about to be kickstarted in Great Yarmouth

Jamie Robertson. Photo: Fat Lad at the Back

Jamie Robertson. Photo: Fat Lad at the Back - Credit: Fat Lad at the Back

A cycling revolution that is hoped to be in every part of the country will be kickstarted in Great Yarmouth.

Over the last four years, premium cycle wear brand Fat Lad At The Back (FLAB) has enabled novice, regular and elite cyclists to join forces and participate in fun, social and supportive group cycling events,

It will be announcing the first 29 locations in its new 'FLambassador' network of social bike rides. FLAB have also revealed local cyclist Jamie Robertson as neighbourhood organiser, who will be planning accessible social rides across our local area.

FLambassador groups, including Jamie's in Yarmouth are organising social rides from Teesside to Portsmouth and Norwich to west Wales. The aim is to encourage local communities to cycle together, enjoying the benefits of the sport, becoming members of the Bulge and in turn recruiting even more participants.

The Bulge is a community of over 31,000 strong on social media who have responded to FLAB's call for volunteers and now nearly 30 experienced, skilled and enthusiastic riders have climbed onto the saddle across the country.

Crucial to the ethos of FLAB's social rides, is their famous 'no one left behind' approach. The Flambassadors, all 29 of them are volunteers, and will be charged with teaming their group, ensuring riders of varying abilities are placed together to enable every rider in the group to enjoy the shared riding experience.

Jamie Robertson, newly appointed FLambassador for Yarmouth said: 'Cycling is my passion, and I've always helped others get into it too. Using the tips and tricks I've picked up over the past few years, I've managed to help people go from beginners to competing in national championships.

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'Our FLAB rides are great because we're for all sizes and abilities, we adjust the speed and distance to suit everybody in the group, you won't get dropped and you won't slow anyone else down.'

FLAB creative director, Lynn Bye said: 'We needed experienced and passionate riders to help in our mission to get as many people out on their bikes. Social rides are an opportunity for all types of cyclist to ride together with our 'no one gets dropped' approach. It's just a nice spin out on the bike with banter and a beer at the pub afterwards.'

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