Fabulous pictures captured by wildlife photographer, nine

Denton Village Hall wildlife photography exhibit for Norfolk Wildlife Trust

An exhibition of nine-year-old Robin Brown's wildlife photography will be on display at Denton Village Hall on February 19 - Credit: Supplied

The disruption caused by Covid lockdowns and restrictions left many children in the county feeling a loss of freedom and routine. 

For one nine-year-old from Norfolk, lockdown began to affect his concentration span until solace was found through a new hobby - wildlife photography.

Robin Brown, from Denton, began taking photographs of wildlife while on daily walks with his mum and he quickly proved he had a "keen eye" for the hobby.

Wildlife exhibition at Denton Village Hall for Norfolk Wildlife Trust

Robin started taking photographs during the first lockdown in March 2020 - Credit: Robin Brown

After teaming up with wildlife photographer Nick Jermy, Robin's talents will be displayed next month at an exhibition in Denton Village Hall to raise money for the Norfolk Wildlife Trust. 

Robin's fascination with birds began while out on birdwatching trips with his Grandad. 

He began taking pictures with his mum's camera while on lockdown walks but he soon progressed to a digital SLR.

Denton Village Hall Wildlife Photography exhibition for Norfolk Wildlife Trust

Robin would like to become a photographer when he is older, after developing a love for the hobby during the pandemic - Credit: Robin Brown

Mum Zoe Brown said: "Robin now knows the names of a large number of Norfolk's birdlife and is never happier than when he has his camera in his hand.

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"If he could have the camera in his hand at all times he would. His attention span has also improved due to the attention to detail he takes in his photos.”

The primary school pupil's talents have impressed fellow wildlife photographer Nick Jermy, who is now helping Robin with his exhibition.

Denton Village Hall wildlife photography exhibition Norfolk Wildlife Trust

Robin's photographs will be on display at Denton Village Hall on February 19. All proceeds will go towards the Norfolk Wildlife Trust - Credit: Robin Brown

Mr Jermy said: "Lockdown gave us an opportunity to have a closer look at the world around us and I think this is what the exhibition can be a celebration of.

"It's been so nice to see the enthusiasm Robin has shown for his new found hobby, he certainly has a keen eye and it will be great to see his work in all its glory."

The exhibition will be held on February 19 between 11am and 3pm at Denton Village Hall and will feature photographs taken since the start of the March 2020 lockdown.

All proceeds will go towards Norfolk Wildlife Trust. 

Robin said:  “I want to raise money for the trust because I like taking photos of nature and the Trust helps to protect our nature. When I’m older I definitely want to be a photographer.”