£75,000 play area in Wymondham to be relocated, councillors decide - to the tune of a further £60,000

Children and their families enjoying the new King's Head Meadow play area at Wymondham. Picture: DEN

Children and their families enjoying the new King's Head Meadow play area at Wymondham. Picture: DENISE BRADLEY - Credit: copyright: Archant 2014

A £75,000 play area which was built in 2014 will be dug up and relocated despite fierce objection.

Wymondham Town Council last night approved a proposal to move the playscape on King's Head Meadow to Browick Road, to the tune of a further £60,000.

It comes after those living behind the park claimed anti-social behaviour and the noise of children had damaged their quality of life.

The meeting, which more than 80 members of the public attended, heard from both meadow neighbours and objectors, including Suzanne Nuri, who described the idea as 'bewildering'.

Another resident, Derek Ward, said it was 'completely out of order'.

The idea, which was proposed by councillor Lee Hornby and seconded by councillor Peter Broome, has come under fire from parents who regularly use the park.

The meeting also heard from Crispin Hill, whose house backs onto the meadow. He said the disruption since its completion in September 2014 had been 'distressing and totally unacceptable'.

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'The noise level of screaming and shouting children has been very difficult to put up with.

'It is a misconception that the sounds of children playing is a sound of delight. We have had to plan our lives around the play area,' he said.

He said he had been reluctant to raise concerns, but felt the council had made a mistake building the playscape so close to houses.

Another neighbouring homeowner said teenagers had stood on the highest pieces of equipment and peered into the houses.

South Norfolk Council had encouraged town councillors to resolve the problem, saying they may be open tolegal action from frustrated residents.

At its narrowest, the garden fences of properties concerned are said to be two metres away from the park.

Eight councillors supported the proposal, three objected and two abstained.

£60,000 has been budgeted to cover the costs.

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