7 of the best circular walks on the Norfolk coast

norfolk coast walks

The Norfolk coast boasts some of the best walks in the country. - Credit: Denise Bradley

The Norfolk coast is the perfect area to take a stroll with friends, family and even for a peaceful walk by yourself.

With a wealth of beautiful scenery all year round, finishing one of these seven circular walks is one of the best ways to immerse yourself in the beautiful Norfolk coast.

1. Mundesley Circular Walk


Mundesley offers some scenic walks including the Mundesley Circular Walk. - Credit: Mike Page

This is the perfect walk if you want to enjoy good views of the north Norfolk countryside.

In 2018 it was awarded a blue flag award by Keep Britain Tidy.

The 6 mile walk is slightly elevated and runs between Mundesley and Gimmingham and then back round again towards Trunch.

For history lovers, there are two medieval churches along the way. A perfect spot to marvel at Norfolk's history.

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2. Bacton Circular Walk

Even though this 4 mile walk lies right next to the Bacton Gas Terminal, you don't even notice its presence on the cliff to the west of the walk.

The route starts in Bacton village and is 4.5 miles long and takes in a beautiful area of the Norfolk coast.

There are plenty of areas to stop off, have a drink or even a picnic.

The walk is also flat and easily accessible with the walk circling round back to Bacton.

3. Weybourne Circular Walk

weybourne circular walk

Weybourne has a great circular walk. - Credit: Archant

Weybourne beach is one of the most popular spots in north Norfolk and the circular walk is also great for ramblers.

The 5 mile walk is a fairly challenging one to start with, crunching along the famous shingle beach but once you get inland the walk gets easier.

The route also heads out to Kelling Heath which is a site of great geological interest and is one of the best examples of a glacial outwash plain in England.

The heath's dry conditions are perfect for birdwatchers as well.

The walk loops back around through the village, just in time for a glimpse of the north Norfolk railway.

4. Horsey Circular Walk

horsey seals

Horsey is popular for people wanting to visit the seals. - Credit: Archant

Further down the coast towards Great Yarmouth is the Horsey circular walk which is 5 miles in length.

The walk passes two wind pumps, the Horsey wind pump at the beginning of the walk and the derelict brograve drainage mill.

In the winter months, it is a great walk to see the seals who are often relaxing on the beach.

5. Hunstanton Circular Walk

The Hunstanton circular walk in west Norfolk is an easily accessible flat route and can either be done in 5 or 7 miles.

This walk can either start in the middle of Hunstanton (7 miles) at the beginning of the Norfolk coast path by the bandstand overlooking the coast or at Old Hunstanton car park (5 miles).

It then takes you along a small stretch of the Norfolk coast path with great views of the beach huts by Old Hunstanton.

You then come back on yourself with a more rural feel to the walk as you amble alongside the River Hun and Hunstanton Golf Course, ending up on Hunstanton beach if the tide is low.

6. Burgh Castle Circular Walk

burgh castle circular walk

The ruins of Burgh Castle make for a pleasant countryside walk very near the coast. - Credit: Eastern Daily Press 2015

Whilst not right on Norfolk's coast, the walk is still very popular amongst ramblers in the Great Yarmouth area.

The walk is only one mile long as well so is perfect if you want a quick stroll.

The route is perfect for sightseeing as well, with Halvergate Marshes, Breydon Water and Berney Arms Mill being just some of the sights you can expect to see.

Some of the reedbeds along the walk are also teeming with bird wildlife such as bearded tits, reed and sedge warblers.

7. Blakeney Circular Walk

The Blakeney Circular Walk is the longest of all the walks mentioned, it is 7.5 miles in length.

You might be feeling tired by the end of it all but the beautiful scenery makes up for it.

Starting in Blakeney, the walks heads in land, back around through Cley and then finishing in north Norfolk's famous salt marshes.