Couple who met at a bus stop celebrate 60 years of wedded bliss

Diamond wedding anniversary for the Walls. Photo: Wall Family

Diamond wedding anniversary for the Walls. Photo: Wall Family - Credit: Wall Family

A Norwich couple who met at a bus stop in 1957 are today celebrating their 60th diamond wedding anniversary.

Diamond wedding anniversary for the Walls. Photo: Wall Family

Diamond wedding anniversary for the Walls. Photo: Wall Family - Credit: Wall Family

Dennis Wall, 89, and Beryl Wall, 79 of Gowing Court, Norwich married on June 23, 1958 at Tudor Hall registry office on Rose Lane, Norwich.

The couple - who have four children, ten grandchildren and six great grandchildren - will celebrate surrounded by their friends and family.

In 1956, Dennis, then 27, of Bush Road Hellesdon, first asked Beryl, 18, of Holt Road, out on a date after seeing her regularly at their local bus stop.

For Dennis it was love at first sight and he had fallen for Beryl's wonderful charm. However, Beryl, who had another potential suitor, declined the offer of a date.

Like a gentlemen Dennis waited patiently before Beryl finally said yes.

For their first date Dennis took Beryl to the cinema to see a movie and it was from this point that their romance blossomed.

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The couple grew up less than a mile from each other and both attended Firside School in Norwich.

Along with his brother, Dennis, was a keen racing pigeon fancier.

When the couple met, Dennis worked as a receptionist at Busseys in Norwich and Beryl worked for Page Printers as a typist.

In January 1958, Dennis proposed to Beryl on a stairwell at Norfolk and Norwich Hospital whilst visiting his father one evening.

The engagement ring was bought from Tilletts Jewellers for seven shillings and sixpence.

Marc Wall, Dennis and Beryl's son, recalls being told their wedding was a wonderful celebratory day.

After the registrar, the couple had hired a room at the Lamb Inn where they enjoyed a meal with their families before heading to Great Yarmouth to enjoy a seaside honeymoon.

Marc said: 'When I have been asked what I think my parent's secret is to a long and happy marriage, all I say is that there is no secret, all you have to do is look at the evidence.'

Once married, Dennis and Beryl moved in with her father on Holt Road.

The couple then moved into their own home on Spencer Street, Norwich, where they decided to start a family.

Dennis worked for over 40 years at Busseys Garage in Palace Street and later at Boundary Road.

Beryl stopped full time work to raise her family but took up various part time jobs and worked for over 20 years at Coe's Photography in Castle Meadow and Mountergate.

Today, the couple's favourite pastime is gardening, and they enjoy spending time with their family.

Marc added: 'They are always looking out for everybody so we would all like to celebrate this big day with them.'

Once the celebrations are over Dennis and Beryl will be jetting off to Majorca to enjoy a well-deserved break.

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