58 - it’s the golden year for the happiest time of your life

Mature couple hand in hand, splashing in surf, smiling

Mature couple hand in hand, splashing in surf, smiling - Credit: Getty Images

Folk in your fifties, like me, it's time to celebrate.

Is 58 the best age to be? Richard Batson.Picture: ANTONY KELLY

Is 58 the best age to be? Richard Batson.Picture: ANTONY KELLY - Credit: Archant

We are at our happiest – in a halcyon chapter of life when our work-life balance is perfect as we edge towards the lush green pastures of retirement.

A new survey paints a picture of a golden age of silver hair, less stress, more financial security.

It is paradise period when we are settled into happy relationships, work and family time are in kilter and we take our full lunch hours.

And 58 is the best age of all when we feel good about our lifestyle – apparently.

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Compare that with the 35-year-olds who are the most stressed as they cope with demanding careers, young growing families, juggle childcare with work and face financial worries.

They also had little time to see friends, keep on top of household chores such as laundry, or simple pleasures such as reading a book or magazine, according to the survey.

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So it seems that a generation sometimes tagged with hosting a gaggle of grumpy old men, is actually all smiles.

Professor Cary Cooper, a management expert from the University of Lancaster, said: 'It's little wonder that our 30s are so stressful as we try – sometimes desperately – to juggle high-pressure jobs and family demands whilst maintaining happy relationships. By the time we reach our 50s, we feel much more confident – allowing us to set the agenda when it comes to working hours and family life.'

As a 59-year-old, I do not recognise the survey's world of lunch hours, and work-life balance.

Finances are more comfortable, but painfully only because parents have passed away and left legacies.

But family time can still be at a premium as office 'elders', however much they love their job, try to keep pace with increasing workloads, technology and demands, at a time when their bodies are yearning for Saga breaks.

The study of 2,000 people in the UK was commissioned for the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 smartphone and revealed a third of those who took part were unhappy with their work-life balance.

The company says the new gadget will help people organise their lives in these tough times – providing we 50-somethings can work out how to use it, of course.

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