30 rescued horses rehomed by Redwings Horse Sanctuary in 2017

A beautiful sight at Redwings. Picture: REDWINGS HORSE SANCTUARY

A beautiful sight at Redwings. Picture: REDWINGS HORSE SANCTUARY - Credit: Archant

Over the last year 30 horses have been rehomed through the Redwings Horse Sanctuary Guardianship Scheme - and some have achieved huge success.

Rachel Angell and friends. 'Many of the horses we rescue will never be able to be rehomed because of

Rachel Angell and friends. 'Many of the horses we rescue will never be able to be rehomed because of the effect their poor starts in life has had on their long-term health and behaviour,' she says. Picture: REDWINGS HORSE SANCTUARY - Credit: Archant

Piebald 14.2hh cob cross Jacob has come a long way since his rescue in 2013, when he was found among a group of illegally grazing horses in Cardiff. Jacob was found as a very underweight three-year-old and suffering from parasites, such as lice and mites.

Having been through his training under the Redwings Guardianship Scheme, Jacob now has the happy ending he deserved, with Guardian Rebecca loving him for his 'willingness to learn new things, his sweet and affectionate nature, and of course his beautiful mane'.

Also rehomed this year was Samosa, who joined her Guardian family – Jill, Dion and their pony PJ – as a non-ridden companion. While Samosa cannot be ridden, it doesn't stop her having fun with her Guardians in her new Norfolk-based home. 'She is very playful,' said Jill.

'Samosa has a lovely, cheeky personality and is a valued member of our family. She's a perfect companion, always at PJ's side and they live very happily together.'

Rachel Angell, Rehoming and Operations Manager at Redwings, said: 'We have a lot of ponies looking for homes as non-ridden companions and Samosa and her Guardian family just go to show how much fun they can be to have around.'

Finally, as the charity prepares to mark the 10-year anniversary of one of their most famous rescues, from Spindle Farm in Amersham, they are celebrating the achievements of Redwings Bert and his Guardian Nikki Rix who were crowned Rescue Supreme Champion at this year's Royal Norfolk Show, having already won the Ridden Best Rescue Class.

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Bert was one of 97 horses, ponies and donkeys that Redwings helped rescue from the appalling conditions of Spindle Farm. The animals were found emaciated and suffering, while living among the bodies of horses who had sadly passed away before help could reach them.

Chief Executive Lynn Cutress said: 'Bert's triumph at the Norfolk Show with his Guardian Nikki demonstrates the importance of giving a rescued horse a second chance. Bert was rescued from dreadful conditions, but has now found the loving forever home he truly deserves and is the perfect example of just what rescued horses are capable of.'

For more information about rehoming a Redwings rescued horse, visit redwings.org.uk/rehoming

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