The latest cute additions to a beaver colony have been caught on camera building a dam at a nature reserve in Norfolk.

In the footage, the three baby beavers, known as kits, attempt to build a dam at the Sculthorpe Moor Reserve near Fakenham.

One can even be seen tugging at a branch to haul it across the water.

The footage was taken by volunteer monitoring wardens at the reserve, which is managed by the Hawk and Owl Trust.

Additional footage of the beavers also shows them splashing in the water and exploring their new environment.

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Born early last week, the kits are part of a family of seven Eurasian beavers that has been growing  for the last two years.

In 2022, a male and female were introduced to the reserve as part of the Hawk and Owl Trust's five-year biodiversity project.

The project also aims to encourage more birds of prey to take up residence in the area. 

Adrian Blumfield, operations director at the Hawk and Owl Trust, said: “The arrival of the three kits is a hugely positive sign for the health of the reserve’s ecosystem and a boom for the UK’s beaver population.

"Watching these amazing creatures interact with each other and their environment is a truly exceptional experience," he said.

Beavers were hunted to extinction in the UK for their fur, meat, and the oil from their scent glands in the 16th century.

Eastern Daily Press: The Eurasian beaver is the largest rodent in Britain, and second largest in the world; second only to the capybara.The Eurasian beaver is the largest rodent in Britain, and second largest in the world; second only to the capybara. (Image: Hawk and Owl Trust)
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Efforts to reintroduce the species over the past few decades has brought the country's overall beaver population to approximately 500.

As herbivores, beavers live on a plant-based diet consisting of bark, shoots, leaves and roots.

Visitors are welcome to see the kits at the reserve, which is open daily between 9am and 4pm.