Alison Page, sales director at Barratt and David Wilson Homes Anglia, gives five reasons for a new home this Christmas.

Tis the season to celebrate, and what better way to revel in the holiday spirit than in the warmth and comfort of a brand-new home? 

At Barratt and David Wilson Homes, we believe that new properties offer the ideal setting for festive gatherings, providing a canvas for creating cherished memories with friends and family.

Here are five reasons why our new homes are perfect for celebrating the holidays.

1. Open-plan design for effortless entertaining

Our new homes boast modern, open-plan layouts, allowing hosts to seamlessly move between the kitchen, dining and living areas. This design fosters a convivial atmosphere, enabling you to cook and engage with guests simultaneously.

2. Top-of-the-line kitchens

Picture a holiday feast prepared in a state-of-the-art kitchen with top-notch appliances and ample counter space. Our properties are equipped to make your culinary endeavours a joy, ensuring that hosting is a pleasure rather than a chore.

3. Aesthetic appeal

Whether it’s a glittering Christmas tree or festive garlands, the backdrop of a new home can help to deliver that holiday feeling. Everything in your new home from the presents under the tree to the surroundings is brand new, amplifying the festivities and creating a sense of novelty and celebration.

4. Energy efficiency

Many of our homes feature energy-efficient technologies, allowing you to celebrate the holidays while being environmentally conscious. Enjoy the festivities without worrying about excessive energy consumption and revel in the knowledge that your new home is both comfortable and sustainable.

5. Warranty and quality assurance

Hosting holidays can be stressful, but when buying a new home with us you can relax and focus on creating memories. Our properties come with warranties and quality assurances, providing peace of mind and ensuring that unexpected repairs won’t dampen your festive spirit.

For more information, call the Barratt Homes sales team on 03301 735 749 or the David Wilson Homes sales team on 03308 187 788. Alternatively, visit and