Less than half the number of homes City Hall wants to see built in Norwich in the last year have been constructed.

In total, just 221 new homes were completed within the Norwich City Council area over 2022-23, documents reveal. 

City Hall has a target for 477 private and council properties to be built across the area every year. 

This is down on the number of built in the same period in 2021-22 when 316 were built. 

A report to Norwich City Council’s cabinet said: “There has been a noticeable reduction in housing completions following two particularly successful years (2018-19 and 2019-20) where a significant amount of office to home conversions were completed.  

“The 2022-23 delivery figures are not that dissimilar from delivery figures preceding 2018-19 which varied between approximately 210 to 450 homes per annum.” 

City Hall officers said challenges in the housing market are not unique to Norwich, with increased building costs and a tight labour market impacting the number of homes being built. 

There have also been issues surrounding ‘nutrient neutrality’, new rules intended to prevent excess nitrogen and phosphorus entering Norfolk’s waterways, which have prevented new planning applications for large parts of the county. 

The report also reveals that the amount of time it is taking City Hall to re-let council homes is at its lowest point in a year. 

It is now taking 55 days to get a new tenant in. 

The latest data covers April to June in 2023 and is down from 69 days between January and March. 

In the last quarter of 2022, the authority was taking 101 days. 

The authority's target is 21 days. 

The report said: "For the second quarter in a row, the average re-let time of council homes has fallen, currently sitting at 55 days.  

“While this remains out of target, we are confident that the trend will continue throughout the rest of the year.”