The face of Norwich city centre has changed a lot over the past decade. 

Through Google Street View we are able to travel back in time to 2012 and take a look at how the streets of Norwich used to be and the former businesses people used to visit.

Take a walk down memory lane and relive seven bygone establishments by sliding on our interactive photos below.

1. Pizza Hut

The family-favourite pizza chain used to occupy a prominent spot in Orford Place.

Pizza Hut closed its doors in June 2016 before being transformed into Five Guys which is there today.

There are still three Pizza Huts in the city in Grove Road, Aylsham Road and Riverside.

2. Sumo Salad

A short-lived salad bar once held a prime spot in Orford Way before closing only months after opening.

The Australian-style salad outlet offered a range of pasta and potato salads.

The building has recently opened as Korean eatery Seoul Born which has taken over from Orford Plaice fish and chip shop.

3. Carluccio's

Carluccio's was an ideal birthday venture in 2012 with its large menu of Italian classics to please the whole family.

The Chantry Place restaurant closed in Christmas 2018 and has since been replaced by Urban Outfitters.

The well-known establishment closed as part of a restructuring at the company.

4. Kartel

Many night outs were enjoyed at Kartel nightclub in London Street.

The club made headlines in 2013 when a pane of glass fell from a conservatory roof.

The building is now occupied by bar and restaurant Gonzo's which has plans to expand into the vacant unit next door.

5. Barclays

A little bit further up London Street, you would have reached the former Barclays in 2012 which is now the British Heart Foundation.

This part of the city was also home to the former Natwest bank which was turned into Cosy Club in 2019.

Banks across the country are seeing a decline in recent years as customers move to online banking.

6. The Langtry

The pub on the edge of Unthank Road became The Pear Tree in 2018 - but it was The Langtry years earlier.

Formerly named Lillie Langtry after the British socialite, the pub was rebranded as The Langtry in the early 2010s with a fresh coat of white paint and a stylish refit.

The pub then became a burger restaurant called Pickle and Relish.

7. Project

Project in Riverside was another go-to nightclub for a night out in Norwich until its closure in March 2012.

The closure came after a £2m revamp at the club and it also saw the loss of around 60 jobs.

It went on to become Wonderland from 2012 to 2014 and it is now Gravity Trampoline Park.