A gastro pub on the Norfolk coast has had its bid to keep a marquee standing over the winter turned down after a backlash from villagers.

The White Horse at Brancaster has planning permission to site the structure beside the marsh between March 1 and October 31.

But when it applied for planning permission to keep it up over the winter, to store garden furniture, it sparked complaints from neighbours.

People living near the award-winning pub complained about the number of cars parked up on the roadside in the village, which is popular with second home owners, and said its lights ruined views of the night-time sky.

Chris Cotton wrote: "A previous application was objected to, but still managed to get the go ahead, also previous complaints with noise, smells and the annoying parking on the road as not enough space elsewhere."

Now West Norfolk Council has refused permission for the structure to remain through the winter months.

Eastern Daily Press: Rob Williamson, general manager of the White Horse in at Brancaster. Picture: White Horse Inn

Almost 50 villagers objected to the original plans for the marquee, which were agreed in April, 2022.

Paul Roe said: "Having witnessed the clear chaos on the main road through the village from around 11.30am till late evening, as a consequence of the erection of the marquee, it is not at all suitable and not in keeping with the AONB (area of natural beauty) and the village."

But there were also 79 letters of support for the marquee, which the pub's manager Rob Williamson described as creating "a friendly beach bar vibe".

The pop-up restaurant was so successful as customers surged back to the coast after Covid lockdown that the White Horse had to take on extra staff.

In its latest application, the pub said: "Over the winter it would prove beneficial for the marquee to remain erected to allow the storage of garden furniture.

"Garden furniture and the marquee with its frame would normally be stacked and covered with a tarpaulin on the same site."