Norfolk and Suffolk are two sides of the same coin with rich histories, incredible restaurants and charming architecture.

After 25 years of living in Suffolk, I have finally crossed the border and moved to Norfolk - but Norwich is not quite as I expected.

I'm sure there is much more to know before I can call myself a true city-slicker, but here is my list of important lessons I've learnt so far.

1. Beryl e-scooters are thrillingly convenient

Eastern Daily Press: Sabrina Johnson trialling the Beryl e-scootersSabrina Johnson trialling the Beryl e-scooters (Image: Archant)

Like many visitors in Norwich, I used to audibly gasp at the daredevils whizzing past me on the Beryl e-scooters

But that was until I was running late to meet friends for drinks at Gonzo's and my only option was to download the Beryl app, take a deep breath and jump on my first-ever e-scooter.

It was a bit bumpy but I was soon in my element.

I felt like a valiant knight riding my noble turquoise steed and I have been scooting my way around the city ever since. 

2. The market is busy but worth it

Eastern Daily Press: Discovering the Norwich Market has been a particular highlightDiscovering the Norwich Market has been a particular highlight (Image: Denise Bradley)

Norwich Market is one of the most well-known spots in the city with its striped tents and dozens of stalls.

As it is so popular, the queues can rapidly form and this always used to put me off as someone who tends to avoid large crowds.

That being said I quickly found myself joining the market's mayhem and tucking into a range of delicious lunch options from Bodega, Lucy's Fish and Chips and A Taste of Punjab.

All the food coming out of the market looks incredible and I'm looking forward to my next visit.

3. Norwich is actually HUGE

Eastern Daily Press: Norwich is much bigger than just the high streetNorwich is much bigger than just the high street (Image: Brittany Woodman)

A little Google search tells me that Norwich has a population of 143,900 - which is much bigger than my former Suffolk village of around 820 residents.

From Riverside to Tombland, there is so much in the city I have yet to explore and I constantly find myself getting lost in the Lanes.

I must have taken about twenty different routes to my barbers by now!

4. Wymondham and Costessey are not pronounced how they are spelt

Eastern Daily Press: I am yet to visit Wymondham, so hopefully I pronounce it correctly when I doI am yet to visit Wymondham, so hopefully I pronounce it correctly when I do (Image: Sonya Duncan)

I think the best way to sound like you are from Norwich is to start entirely skipping letters when talking about nearby towns.

I'm slowly learning how to talk like a real Norfolk resident and now know how to say Wymondham and Costessey.

I thought I knew how to say Bowthorpe - but I'm still not 100pc sure on that one.

5. Driving through the city is confusing

Eastern Daily Press: I am determined to overcome my fear of the Thickthorn roundaboutI am determined to overcome my fear of the Thickthorn roundabout (Image: Antony Kelly)

There are far too many lanes for a beginner driver like myself who is used to cruising the country roads while stuck behind a tractor.

I'm lucky to be within walking distance to work so my driving practice has become rather infrequent - but my weekly venture to Tesco can be, uh, eventful.

I should really know which lane to be in by now when I approach the Thickthorn roundabout but I can't help but feel immediately overwhelmed at the mere thought of getting in the wrong lane and having to move across. 

6. Yalm is a crowd pleaser

Eastern Daily Press: Yalm in the Royal Arcade in NorwichYalm in the Royal Arcade in Norwich (Image: Maja Anushka)

After moving across the border, we have had lots of our friends and family come to visit which often results in the inevitable question - 'Where should we go to eat?'.

It is a difficult decision to make as there is a seemingly endless list of restaurants to try in the city but Yalm in Castle Street has become my personal favourite suggestion.

The food hall has such a lovely atmosphere and there are so many cuisine options including pizza, noodles, burgers, pasta and sweet treats - more than enough to please all tastebuds.

7. There are TWO cathedrals in the city

Eastern Daily Press: The Cathedral of St John the BaptistThe Cathedral of St John the Baptist (Image: Steve Adams)

I did not know a city was even allowed to have two cathedrals but Norwich is one of the lucky few cities blessed with two historic gems.

Norwich Cathedral is the big one everyone knows about but the Roman Catholic Cathedral of St John the Baptist is the true underdog in Unthank Road.

Both buildings are unquestionably beautiful - but the lesser-known cathedral is only a short walk away from Plantation Gardens which is a fantastic green space to go for a wander.