A number of roads in Norfolk remain flooded and impassable nearly four days after Storm Ciarán hit the county.

Flood warnings remain in place this week following last week's heavy rain, including on the rivers Waveney, Bure and Ouse, as well as riverways from Thorpe St Andrew to Breydon Water.

The unsettled conditions came after the second named storm of the season - Babet - caused chaos to major roads and transport services due to record rainfall.

Eastern Daily Press: Some roads in Welney remain nearly impassableSome roads in Welney remain nearly impassable (Image: Welney Flood Watch)

Roads in Welney and the surrounding area remain nearly impassable in places as water levels stay at "trigger level".

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Welney Flood Watch reports that some roads have eight to 16 inches of water across the surface, creating hazardous conditions for drivers.

It said: "From the Welney side of the Wash, the water starts shallow but can be deceiving to those who do not know the road and is much deeper further across.

Eastern Daily Press: Depths of up to 16 inches of water can create hazardous conditions for motoristsDepths of up to 16 inches of water can create hazardous conditions for motorists (Image: Welney Flood Watch)

"Remember that on-coming vehicles will push a high wave in front and water depths can double, especially if they are 'going for it'.

"If you end up meeting a vehicle pushing a wave then your vehicle could be swamped by a much deeper volume of water.

"Be aware levels could rise overnight. Our advice would be to find another route."