The ability to work across multiple sectors in the energy industry is essential, and it’s something that engineering solutions business N-ERGISE has down to a T.

As the offshore industry continues to evolve and change, the Great Yarmouth-based business has a reputation for never resting on its laurels.

With a one-stop shop of engineering solutions for a range of sectors, including wind, oil and gas, nuclear and port and infrastructure, the company has become renowned for its sharp focus on exemplary health and safety standards.

It is now breaking new ground in the nuclear sector with a range of cutting-edge technologies, revolutionising safety and efficiency, while growing and investing in the region with a number of fresh career opportunities.

“Our team has fantastic transferable skills and we use those to deliver work across all sectors. For example, our experience in the likes of oil and gas helps us to form solutions in renewable energy. This has become even more key in the current climate – we need to always be adaptable and flexible,” said managing director Martyn Norton.

“Our main focus during any project is on the health and safety of people working within energy and infrastructure – and we keep that at the core of all we do.

“We are fortunate to work with some likeminded, long-standing partners, globally, nationally and locally, who know that we will deliver what we say we will.

“The future is about growing our team, our expertise and focusing on game-changing areas to develop our work in each sector.”

Eastern Daily Press: N-ERGISE managing director Martyn NortonN-ERGISE managing director Martyn Norton (Image: N-ERGISE)

One of those areas is nuclear, where N-ERGISE already delivers, amongst other services, innovative design, testing and inspections.

With the UK government classing nuclear power as ‘environmentally sustainable’ in the green taxonomy, the timing couldn’t be better to take N-ERGISE’s expertise to the next level.

N-ERGISE has already designed, developed and constructed a process to extract material coupons from the body of existing pond skips and from sections of skips in the process of decommissioning and de-planting nuclear station pods, to be cut into manageable sections.

The company has now been awarded a contract to produce an adaption to the existing cutting machine to allow a size reduction in pre-cut sections of fuel skips.

The project will begin with the supply of conceptual, technical designs, to modify the current machine. Once these are approved, the designs will be fabricated and will go through a site acceptance testing project and client training.

Eastern Daily Press: The N-ERGISE team working at an offshore wind substation in GermanyThe N-ERGISE team working at an offshore wind substation in Germany (Image: N-ERGISE)

“The further contract with this client recognises the confidence gained over several years of successfully delivering projects safely and within budget. Now we are pleased to share our cross-sector gained engineering expertise to apply cutting-edge technology, reducing safety risks within the nuclear decommissioning environment and additionally reducing the client costs,” said Martyn.

N-ERGISE was founded in 2015, with its head office in Great Yarmouth, and provides a range of services, including commissioning, decommissioning, offshore maintenance and fabrication.
This year, the team has been working in Norway, Germany, Holland and West Africa on both onshore and offshore projects, as well as keeping feet firmly on the Norfolk and Suffolk coast, partnering with other local supply chain businesses.

A recent project has seen it deliver, repair and provide inspection services to a Suffolk wind farm’s offshore substation, at the offshore site for high voltage business EDS HV, based in Lancashire, which manages the asset on behalf of the offshore transmission owner (OFTO).
Jonathan Ball, engineering and operations director at EDS HV, said it was “great to have N-ERGISE as a key supply chain partner”.

“We are once again pleased with the delivery provided by the N-ERGISE team, who have demonstrated their capabilities and collaborative attitude across a number of campaigns for EDS.”

Other local supply chain work includes a project with fellow Great Yarmouth business Seajacks to support its first vessel Kraken, with its skilled and qualified welders installing and welding out sea fastenings before the jack-up made its journey to Beatrice Offshore Wind Farm off Scotland.

As energy sector projects have evolved in nature, N-ERGISE has been using its offshore and onshore expertise to help strengthen its position in the sector.

The business was recently awarded Acclaim Accreditation for health and safety as principal contractor.

As a Safety Schemes in Procurement Limited (SSIP) member scheme, Acclaim Accreditation supports the objectives of SSIP to improve health and safety standards across the UK and reduces the duplication of paperwork in procurement.

The business places a huge focus on sustainability and reducing its carbon footprint, giving support to charity and community initiatives, installing roof panels on the roof of its Great Yarmouth headquarters and investing in a fleet of electric vehicles.

Eastern Daily Press: Matthew Jeffries, heath, safety, environment and quality coordinator (HSEQ) out on siteMatthew Jeffries, heath, safety, environment and quality coordinator (HSEQ) out on site (Image: N-ERGISE)

“We are doing as much as possible on a daily basis, even down to using manufacturers that use recycled plastic as a core material, which reduces the amount of newly manufactured plastic in the company,” said Matthew Jeffries, HSEQ coordinator.

“Last year we funded an approved tree planting scheme to improve the local landscape and to provide some sustainable habitats for wildlife. We managed to offset 25tC02, almost 13tCO2 more than the year before, making us carbon negative.

“I think we really excel on the personal service side as our clients know they can contact us whenever they need to.

“A string to our bow is that we’re essentially an engineering turnkey provider, our scope is right from the concept and design, through to manufacture, operation, maintenance and finally decommissioning. 

“I think we are at a stage now where we are moving to the next level in terms of our growth and investment, so naturally this comes with taking on new staff and encouraging more home-grown careers with us. 

“We see it as an important part of our job to seek out and support the next generation of engineers in this region.”