A  man has been banned from urinating in public by a court injunction.

Michael Bloy, of no fixed abode, has also been banned from begging, rough sleeping and being aggressive after a county court judge approved an application by Fenland council.

The two-year antisocial behaviour injunction was granted after Peterborough County Court heard Mr Bloy had caused significant harassment and distress in the Wisbech area.

Susan Wallwork, Fenland's portfolio holder for community safety, said: "This judgement sends a very clear message that antisocial behaviour will not be tolerated in our district.

"I hope that the concerns of the community will be allayed as a result of the injunction being served."

The order bans Mr Bloy from engaging in conduct which causes or is capable of causing a nuisance, alarm, distress, harassment, violence, injury and annoyance to persons residing in or lawfully visiting or operating a business in the Fenland area, including begging, rough sleeping, littering, urinating in public spaces and keeping an aggressive dog.

It also bans him from using insulting language, loitering or begging, including being seated near to any cash point, service station or supermarket or convenience store within Fenland.

Mrs Wallwork added: "Officers have been working together for some months now to address the behaviour of this individual who has caused misery to others.

"As well as helping to manage his behaviour and prevent it from escalating, we hope the injunction will encourage the defendant to accept the help and support he has been offered."

The court heard Mr Bloy had repeatedly been offered help and support from multiple partner agencies before enforcement action was taken but he had not engaged.

If Mr Bloy breaches any of the terms of the injunction, he will be liable to arrest and could face up to two years in prison.