Boxer Michael Walsh is searching for his daughter’s missing Macaw after it escaped his home on Saturday night.

Eastern Daily Press: Missing blue and gold macaw. Picture: Michael WalshMissing blue and gold macaw. Picture: Michael Walsh (Image: Michael Walsh)

The bird was purchased as a birthday gift for his eight-year-old daughter two weeks ago, who he says is “heartbroken” after it flew out of his front door when the cage was left open.

Mr Walsh says the bird will be around Corpusty and Saxthorpe, adding that the bird was blue and yellow in colour and would be hard to miss if seen by someone.

He said: “My daughter is pouring her heart out every day, she’s going into the garden and calling for him, I’m absolutely gutted.

“The buzzards will kill it if I don’t get it in soon but I am trying my best, I’ve been putting it all over Facebook and doing everything I can do to bring it back.”

There is a reward for the bird’s safe return and anyone who sees the bird should contact Mr Walsh on 07930 919695.