100 years from the Somme, Norfolk is asked to remember by taking photos of war memorials

Royal Norfolk Show 2016 - From left, Captain Kathryn McCann, Commanding Office Lt Col David Carter a

Royal Norfolk Show 2016 - From left, Captain Kathryn McCann, Commanding Office Lt Col David Carter and Lt Sophie Tasker. Picture: Matthew Usher.

Communities across Norfolk are being asked to photograph their local First World War memorials for an online digital record.

Operation Norfolk Remembers aims to create a database of every memorial in Norfolk dedicated to those who died between 1914 and 1918.

It is being organised by Cambridgeshire University Officers' Training Corps and will culminate in a digital collage displayed at the Forum in Norwich next month.

More than 800 memorials have been discovered so far, ranging from stained glass windows to cenotaphs.

Lt Sophie Tasker, project officer, said: 'There is no comprehensive list of First World War memorials in the county and as part of the centenary of the Battle of the Somme, we have decided to organise this project.

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'We want to get people involved in local history and make the First World War relevant for children today and to the community.

'As far as we know this is the first time it has ever been done in any county in the UK.'

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On July 9, people are invited to the Forum to view the collection of images and a variety of other attractions. During the day there will be a trench experience and equipment from the war will be on show..

People are asked to photograph their nearest First World War memorial, and themselves standing by it and send it to op.norfolk.memorials@gmail.com

They are also asked to include the names listed on the memorial.

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