100,000 electric vehicles milestone for Renault

Renaults electric vehicle line-up includes, left to right, the Twizy, Kangoo Van ZE and Zoe supermin

Renaults electric vehicle line-up includes, left to right, the Twizy, Kangoo Van ZE and Zoe supermini. - Credit: Renault

Five years since the launch of its first electric vehicle, Renault has handed over the keys to its 100,000th electric car customer.

The milestone vehicle was a Renault Zoe – the brand's all-electric supermini.

In the first half of 2016, Renault sold more than 15,000 electric vehicles (excluding the Twizy tandem two-seater quadricycle), an increase of 32% on the previous year. This success confirms Renault's status as the European market leader, especially for LCV.

Indeed, on European roads, one in every four electric vehicles is a Renault with the the company being the European leader with a 27% market share for electric cars.

In France, half of all electric cars are Renaults. Renault's main markets for electric cars are France, Norway, the UK and Germany.

In the UK, Renault ZE (zero emissions) sales grew to 1,199 in the first half of 2016 – an increase of 26.1%. Of this, 1,069 of the vehicles were the all-electric Zoe – a 39.4% increase on the first six months of 2015. Since the launch of its ZE vehicles in the UK in 2011, Renault has sold 5,977 electric vehicles to date comprising of Fluence, Kangoo Van ZE Twizy and Zoe.

Eric Feunteun, director of Renault's electric vehicle division, said: 'Every year there are more customers for electric cars and Renault is making a major contribution to this with its constant innovation and dedication to developing infrastructure. Our customer satisfaction, which stands at 98% for the Zoe, encourages us to keep pushing onwards.'

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Renault boasts the most comprehensive range of 100% electric cars on the market, enabling it to meet a variety of needs. The range is made up of the compact Zoe city car, the Kangoo Van ZE, the compact urban two-seater Twizy and its utility version, the Twizy Cargo, and the stately saloon the RSM SM3 ZE (the best-selling electric vehicle in Korea).

Zoe, the best-selling electric vehicle in Europe, dominates the market for electric private cars with more than 23% market share. The Kangoo Van ZE, the leading electric LCV in Europe for the third year running. Lastly, with 17,000 models sold, the Twizy is the trail-blazer for new ways to get around all over the world, and is extremely popular in car-sharing initiatives in both Europe and America.

Renault is involved in a number of projects to install public recharge points. There are currently more than 100,000 public recharge points around the world – 80,000 of which are in Europe.