New river bus service for Norwich

Norwich is set to get a new river bus service in a move that will speed up the regeneration of part of the city.

The new service has been proposed to spearhead the regeneration of east Norwich, while money problems delay work on part of the scheme.

The whole project is being held up because of delays to the development of a site north of the river Wensum, known as the Utilities site, where a new office complex is proposed.

The new river bus service, which would be free to passengers, has been proposed to allow developers to bypass that site and progress work on the other parts of the regeneration area that are ready to go forward.

The new link would bring people into the city from the planned regeneration areas in Trowse, where hundreds of homes could be built if plans are approved.

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In the long term, it is planned for the river service to be replaced by the bascule bridge link across the river Wensum for pedestrians, cyclists, emergency and service vehicles.

The river bus plans are being proposed by Norwich-based planning consultants, Lanpro Services, whose director Phil Atkinson said plans to deliver this service between the Deal ground site in Trowse and land next to Norwich City FC was an interim measure.

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No start date for the services has been revealed, but pedestrians and cyclists would be able to use it from 6am to midnight from Monday to Sunday.

It is thought the river bus would operate for about three years.

Mr Atkinson said: 'The whole regeneration of east Norwich is currently being put at risk because of the Utilities scheme, which is suffering from a lack of money.

'This is designed to bypass that site, so hopefully when houses are built on the other developments, people will have access to the city by river.

'The pontoon/river bus service will provide a temporary connection between the sites that can be delivered now, and bypass those that cannot.'

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