Mulbarton mother Jane McInnes wins �1,740 on The Weakest Link

A Norwich mother who won more than �1,700 on The Weakest Link applied to the show after a health scare convinced her to challenge herself.

Jane McInnes, who lives in Mulbarton, to the south of the city, beat her eight fellow contestants to win the competition which was broadcast on BBC1 today (Wednesday).

The legal secretary, who works for Howes Percival on Colegate, Norwich, won a total of �1,740.

But if it had not have been for a recent health scare, she would never have applied.

After Ms McInnes survived a serious illness brought on by an undiagnosed burst gallbladder, the mother-of-one decided to reassess her life and embrace some new challenges.

She said: 'I've always been a fan of quiz shows on TV but until recently I'd never had the courage to apply to be a contestant. I decided to go online and check a few shows out. The first one I found that was open to applications was the Weakest Link.'

'In the application process they ask you how you would deal with Anne and whether you would be able to stand up to her. I thought that after everything I'd been through, dealing with Anne wouldn't be a problem.'

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Ms McInnes wanted to stand out so included some details in her application she thought would appeal to the production team.

'In my application I mentioned that I enjoyed singing in a choir as Anne seems to like picking on people that sing – I have been singing with The Cringleford Singers for a year or so now, who raise money for local charities. I also said I make my own wine as I know Anne is teetotal. It obviously worked as I was invited to an audition,' she said.

Just two weeks after auditioning, Ms McInnes was invited to record a show in Glasgow on November 24.

She had a two-night, all expenses paid, stay in a hotel with the other contestants.

She soon discovered many of them took the competition very seriously and had even come up with tactics to help them progress through to the final round.

'My aim was simply to have some fun and avoid going out in the first round,' said Ms McInnes, who admitted she felt very nervous at first and tried not to stand out too much early on in the contest.

The legal secretary used her money to pay for Christmas, a few bills, and treat her 10-year-old daughter Eleanor.

She added: Overall it was a fantastic experience and it has given me a huge amount of confidence to push myself and try other new things.'

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