‘Roundabouts are not rocket science’ - Your reaction to the NDR layout

PUBLISHED: 14:12 14 May 2018 | UPDATED: 14:12 14 May 2018

The Broadland Northway (NDR) is open.  Picture: ANTONY KELLY

The Broadland Northway (NDR) is open. Picture: ANTONY KELLY

Archant Norfolk 2018

Since the full opening of the Broadland Northway (NDR) last month, many people have been raising their concerns about the layout of the road.

The roundabouts in particular have been a worry for some motorists.

Last week a local driving instructor revealed how even experts are getting confused with the layout, and said he feared a serious accident was just waiting to happen.

Just days later, we were sent
shocking dashcam footage of a Range Rover almost colliding with a lorry as it exited a roundabout, highlighting the driving instructor’s worries.

We received hundreds of comments on both stories, some criticising the layout of the NDR and others blaming careless driving.

Jez Davies: “Nothing to do with the roundabouts, everything to do with poor driving and roundabout discipline. Honestly you would think that there have never been any roundabouts before in Norwich.”

Mel Lacey: “The markings on the roundabouts are badly planned and misleading. Yes, many drivers are poor, but road markings are supposed to help them.”

Ali Culyer: “The problem is that there’s too many options !!! Keep it simple two lanes on two lanes off. Having so many lanes doesn’t actually help with traffic flow it slows everyone up because no one knows which lane to be in.”

Jessica Wright: “Don’t understand why people struggle to use the roundabouts, I have had several incidents of people cutting me up. The arrows couldn’t be clearer; people need to learn to drive!”

Matthew Morrison: “Roundabout layouts are a disaster on the NDR.”

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Kat Campbell: “People seriously need to learn how to drive on a roundabout!

“Been on this road four times now and every single time have been cut up by someone who hasn’t stayed in their lane or had someone pull out in front of me because they assume I’m going left when I’m actually going straight but in the outside lane.”

Dean Maurice: “The NDR roundabouts are not very difficult to understand but for some reason so many people can’t get their head around it! Stick to your lanes people!”

Maria A Panayiotou: “Traffic lights before it’s too late or are they expecting drivers to go towards their exit in a spiral fashion going round it more than once but each time they do, they’ll be progressing into next available lane on the left - when there is a sufficient gap available to do so.”

Andie Pops Heap: “Roundabouts are not rocket science, you should move over a lane as you pass each junction, if your junction is next you should be in left lane, simple eh?”

Rick Neechi: “It’s really wide, good visibility, clearly marked but some drivers can’t grasp concept of give way, indicate before manoeuvring and sticking to a lane!”

Colin Treeman: “I see countless idiots switching lanes; not indicating and driving too close behind on those roundabouts every day.

“Maybe a few more police patrols would help, but not much chance of that with all these Tory cuts.”

Wesley Johnson: “Choose where you want to go, follow the arrow into the correct lane, stay in the lane, exit where the lane takes you, guaranteed to get you where you want to go safely as long everyone else does the same thing.”

Matthew Longhurst: “Alan Partridge will sort it mind you he’s only interested in the pedestrianisation of Norwich city centre.”

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