I have hang-up about phone owners who can’t!

PUBLISHED: 16:59 02 November 2017 | UPDATED: 17:00 02 November 2017

Texting to donate is popular nowadays, but this reader does not approve. (Picture: Thinkstock)

Texting to donate is popular nowadays, but this reader does not approve. (Picture: Thinkstock)


On a long journey I was considering what I see as some the mysteries of life – why temporary traffic lights are always red when you approach them, dog owners hang bags of poo in trees having cleared it up and drivers think it is OK to stop anywhere to answer their mobile phone.

I’ve given up on the first two but I’m really fed up with motorists hitting the brakes, putting the ‘park anywhere’ hazard lights on and then talking on the phone, oblivous to the people held up behind or having to swerve round them.

There was the idiot in a big 4x4 who had pulled off the road, into the entrance of a car dealership I was trying to visit, and happily yacking away with a phone clamped to his ear. I managed to get round him to get into the car park but he was still there when I left five minutes later. It was even more dangerous pulling out into the road again and trying to see round his large off-roader if any traffic was coming from the left.

And this week a car in front of me stopped suddenly, half in drainage gully, half on the highway of a dual carriageway, for the owner to answer her phone. The car hadn’t broken down because she passed me a mile further up the road while I was refuelling in a filling station.

No call can be that important that you have to put other road users at risk but, if you clearly think it is, use a Bluetooth hands-free system although the best advice is to switch the phone off or put it where it can’t be reached. If keeping in touch is so important that it can’t wait, then find a safe, recognised place to park and call them back.

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