Nina Nannar: The journey to true equality involves all of us

WOW - Women of the World Norwich 2018 - Nina Nannar.Photo: supplied by Norwich Arts Centre

WOW - Women of the World Norwich 2018 - Nina Nannar.Photo: supplied by Norwich Arts Centre - Credit: supplied by Norwich Arts Centre

Nina Nannar, arts editor for ITV news, is taking part in three events at this weekend's WOW Norwich festival which aims to celebrate and empower women. Here she talks about how the journey to true equality involves us all.

WOW Norwich logoImage: supplied by WOW Norwich

WOW Norwich logoImage: supplied by WOW Norwich - Credit: supplied by WOW Norwich

It was an observation made by my daughter as we walked our dog around the local park.

There were all male football and rugby matches going on amongst older teenagers and young people, but one rugby match, with younger primary school children, had a predominantly female line up.

'That's gender stereotypes breaking down', she casually observed, and not for the first time I found myself wishing I'd said that.

She - or rather we - will be sharing our thoughts on raising children in the modern era, without those gender sterotypes, at one of the sessions at Norwich's Women of the World festival.

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There's seldom been a better time to ask ourselves about women in today's world. The centenary of females getting the vote here, the shocking stories about sexual harassment in workplaces, the gut wrenching revelations of gender pay inequality in modern Britain - my own employer ITN confessed to a gender pay gap of around 20% and a bonus pay gap more than three times that. I'm looking forward to going into that on another panel I'll be joining - Women in the Media.

But the festival is for all women, girls, men and boys. Because the journey to true equality involves all of us.

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And there is so much to actually celebrate, so many strong voices declaring we are changing things, writing our own stories, shaping a world where This Girl really Can.

I'm so proud that Norwich has got this festival - it's a real coup. I attended a brainstorming session, discussing topics for panels and events for the weekend, and I have to say I found it so empowering and actually emotional to be sharing the room with some of those women - their stories, their imagination, their ambition and their bravery.

I'm an incomer to Norwich, this beautiful city, and as a British Asian I'm in a minority. I'll be discussing that too - chairing a panel called Colour Blindness: Living in a White City.

There's something for everyone at WOW Norwich.

Let's make it a massive success!

• Nina Nannar is speaking at Honey I Shrunk The Patriarchy: Positive Parenting with her daughter Mimi at 2pm on Saturday.

She is also speaking at Colour Blindness: Living In A White City at 10.30am on Sunday and Eyes And Teeth Darling! at 1.30pm on Sunday.

All events at OPEN in Norwich.

For more about these and other WOW Norwich events, visit

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