Reader letter: Who allowed the NDR to open leaving this potential death trap unprotected?

Cameras trained on Broadland Northway roundabouts at Wroxham Road. Picture: David Hannant

Cameras trained on Broadland Northway roundabouts at Wroxham Road. Picture: David Hannant - Credit: Archant

The Broadland Northway, formerly known as Norwich's Northern Distributor Road (NDR), has got another one of our readers riled.

Returning from Hopton near Lowestoft today I was reminded of my letter to this paper in July last.

Having travelled the unrestricted one-mile-plus dual carriageway to Gorleston I noted that the authorities had installed 40mph signs to both sides of the carriageway about quarter of a mile out from the roundabout – giving drivers plenty of warning, and ample time, to reduce their speed and to travel to the junction at a maximum speed of 40mph.

MORE: Five of the best reader letters about the NDR from 2018This sensible idea should be copied on the Broadland Northway at all of the roundabouts. Not wanting to be wasteful, a speed demarcation sign should be fitted to the reverse side of these 40mph signs.

Each roundabout would therefore have a half mile of easily patrolled speed restricted area around them. This would deter those heavy-footed drivers who insist on racing around the islands and rushing off into the distance from these roundabouts at such, almost instant, excessive speed as happens at the present time.

This simple restriction has two purposes. The distance between the signs and the roundabout would leave no excuses for any driver arriving at the roundabout at the sometimes crazy excessive speeds, as is happening at every hour of every day at present.

It also leaves plenty of time and space for the road safety camera vehicles to park up and start making a small fortune, which could then be used to attend to all our potholes and other essential repairs.

Some of these new bonus funds could and should, and before too long, be spent on placing an Armco barrier on the section of the road heading from the bypass up the slipway in the easterly direction to the new Cromer Road roundabout. The currently unprotected massive crater to the right hand side of the slip road is just waiting to claim its first fatalities, and should be protected.

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Who on earth, within the planning authorities, allowed this road to open leaving this potential death trap unprotected?

By my calculation with nine roundabouts at present on the system each requiring 12 supporting posts and with each post requiring two signs the cost of purchase and installation could be easily calculated by those concerned. It would not be a fortune considering the huge safety benefits it would provide.

These benefits, to the careful considerate Norfolk drivers, who do their best to travel safely on this roadway, could be priceless.

Five per cent, or more, of the drivers using this road need reminding that it is not a racetrack.