Reader letter: Norwich Western Link will wreak Wensum Valley

Construction is the sector in which employers are finding it hardest to recruit, according to the Re

Construction is the sector in which employers are finding it hardest to recruit, according to the Recruitment & Employment Confederation. Picture: Steve Adams - Credit: ARCHANT } NORFOLK 2004.

I understand the proposed routes for the 'Norwich Western Link' are to be revealed soon.

It is inevitable each one will wreak destruction to the unique Wensum Valley.

What makes anyone think that an acceptable route can be found, when we have been circling around these wagons for over 30 years, and the conclusion is always the same — the impact on environment and people, and the sheer cost, makes it a non-starter.

Around £400,000 has already been devoted to a report telling us what we already knew. This money could have been put to improving the existing HGV route across the valley, or better still, to introducing an effective bus system in the area. There really is no other alternative.

READ MORE: Highways bosses mull over whether £300m A47 improvements should be started simultaneously or in phasesBut sadly every planner and politician is wedded to growth, behaving like the classic alcoholic, knowing that he ought to give up the booze, but always seeing the next drink as the only way he can cope with the pressure of doing so.

We must all realise we cannot keep building roads, houses, food hubs, supermarkets ad infinitum, yet no-one in power can admit it, and continue to talk about 'sustainable growth', an impossible concept.

What future do they see stretching ahead for us? Honingham as an inner suburb of Norwich, Reepham Road dualled (it can be pretty busy at times, after all), Barton Broad infilled to provide land for more housing, and a retail park at Heydon?

Probably not in my lifetime, but certainly in my grandchildren's if we carry on as we are. It is time this madness stopped and we concentrated on truly sustaining and cherishing what little of value we have left.