What is Feel Good Norfolk and how can it help you?

Reflexologist Sarah Groves, who is launching a new wellbeing website, Feel Good Norfolk. Picture: Su

Reflexologist Sarah Groves, who is launching a new wellbeing website, Feel Good Norfolk. Picture: Supplied by Sarah Groves. - Credit: Archant

With wellbeing at the top of the agenda during the coronavirus lockdown, Sarah Groves is launching a new online platform to support people in the east of England.

Sarah Groves runs Feel Good Therapies in Norwich. Picture: Gemma Parnell, Bequality

Sarah Groves runs Feel Good Therapies in Norwich. Picture: Gemma Parnell, Bequality - Credit: Archant

At this time, reaching out and connecting with others virtually is more important than ever, which is why reflexologist Sarah Groves is launching Feel Good Norfolk. She hopes that the online platform will bring wellbeing businesses together to share their expertise and will enable people to find treatments and services in their area.

Sarah became interested in reflexology back in 2007, when she went to a yoga class.

“In the relaxation at the end of the class the teacher placed her thumbs on the centre of the soles of my feet. It felt really relaxing. At the end of the class I asked her what this was, she explained it was a reflexology calming point,” says Sarah. Interested to know more, she booked a course of treatments which eased the anxiety she was experiencing at the time and the back pain which had been troubling her for years.

“Reflexology is one of the oldest natural therapies,” she continues. “It works on the principle that the feet and hands perfectly map the body. With the pressure applied, through the various movements used during a treatment, the autonomic nervous system and circulatory system are stimulated, which improves blood flow and helps better functioning of all the organs and structures of the body.

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“The physiological response that happens when we receive a treatment that we enjoy is hugely beneficial to our health. It boosts our oxytocin levels, our ‘feel-good’ hormone, which helps to induce a calmer state, lower stress, improve sleep, and boost immunity.”

Sarah was so inspired by the benefits that she decided to take a course to become a reflexology practitioner herself.

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“I signed up to the diploma course run by Angela Sellens Drake of Pathways School of Reflexology and qualified in November 2009,” she says.

Over the last decade Sarah has built up her business as a therapist, and opened Feel Good Therapies in Norwich city centre last year.

“Building my business has been a steady process in between having my two beautiful children, who are now seven and nine,” says Sarah, adding that her experience of becoming a parent led her to becoming particularly interested in working with mums and babies.

“I feel very passionate about caring for women during their pregnancy and postpartum,” says Sarah. “It is a magical transition but can also prove to be very challenging and tough. From supporting my clients through pregnancy, guiding them in their postpartum, to then sharing techniques they can use on their babies it is an incredible journey and one I feel honoured to be a part of,” she says.

Sarah worked in the sales team at business energy consultants Indigo Swan before making the leap to open her own therapy room at Bagley’s Court, off Pottergate. As it is currently closed, Sarah has been using the time to work on her Feel Good Norfolk project.

“For many years I have dreamt of creating a space for wellbeing businesses to work alongside each other,” she says. “I have always loved the idea of bringing our local community closer together. I wanted to develop somewhere we can inspire and innovate with one another, whilst providing good quality products and services to the people of Norwich, who would like to improve their health and wellbeing. With people using online opportunities more and more, I realised it would be worth tapping into this and build the wellbeing community online.

“Amidst the rest of my work and being a mum, I have been chipping away at the project since last May. Lockdown has given me the opportunity to focus on it more. In a time when things are feeling tough, I have been keen to get this launched to reach out and connect.”

Feel Good Norfolk will connect, support and celebrate wellbeing practitioners and independent businesses in Norfolk and will become a space for customers to discover, explore, and benefit from a trusted collective of wellbeing products and services all in one place.

“I want to encourage wellbeing businesses to come together, to connect, and to create a new normal for ourselves,” says Sarah. “It is common within our industry to feel lonely within our work. This has been magnified by the current crisis. But it doesn’t have to be this way.”

“Understanding how others work helps us to innovate our own way of working. By interacting, sharing and inspiring each other we can make our businesses shine.”

Sarah would love to hear from other wellbeing businesses and find out about their stories.

Email sarah@feelgoodnorfolk.co.uk to get in touch or click here to visit the website.

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