Watch Eggburt the chick make his entrance into the world at Aylsham High

Eggburt after hatching at Aylsham High School yesterday.

Eggburt after hatching at Aylsham High School yesterday. - Credit: Archant

There are four new arrivals at Alysham High School that have hatched just in time for Easter.

Four 'eggburts' after hatching yesterday.

Four 'eggburts' after hatching yesterday. - Credit: Archant

Eggburt and his three chick friends entered the world yesterday at 3.30pm after three weeks of waiting.

The chicks, which were sourced by Mr. Sayer, were part of a joint project for the Key Stage Three Nurture group and Key Stage Four Outdoor Learning group.

The Nuture group, called the Eagles, is a small supportive class consisting of 15 students. It is to ensure that vulnerable learners are given the academic, social and emotional support they need when they have moved from a small primary school to a large secondary school.

The chick project gave the students the opportunity to experience and gain a deeper understanding of the life cycle of a silky hen and bring excitement and anticipation to the classroom.

They hatched in perfect time for the outdoor family learning day which celebrated what the Key Stage three and four students had achieved this year.

The day involved archery, pond dipping, cooking and seeing the new chicks.

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Danny Sweatman, head of nurture provision, said: 'The whole process has been wonderful for our nurture students – a real memorable experience seeing the eggs hatch.'

Eggburt was named by one of the students but the other three are still undecided, Mr Sweatman said that suggestions are welcome.