Time to stop meddling with our clocks

Did you get caught out by the clocks going forward on Sunday? Photo: Getty Images

Did you get caught out by the clocks going forward on Sunday? Photo: Getty Images - Credit: Getty Images

So have you got all your clocks altered yet then?

I used to have an old car which I never worked out how to change its digital timer, so for six months of the year I was an hour out as I travelled around.

These days so many of our gadgets automatically spring forward or fall back at the right moment in March and October, and the ritual of going around our I tinkering with time pieces is much less arduous.

And yet twice a year it causes quite a kerfuffle.

I was actually sent an email from a firm at the end of last week saying companies should allow their staff a kip during the day on Monday to help them readjust to losing an hour's sleep,

At the end of the summer there's that shock of darkness coming much earlier all of a sudden as the clocks go back.

I'm not the first person to suggest this – but I believe now is the time to stop meddling twice a year and leave us in British Summer Time.

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I've read research in the past that shows the number of accidents increases when the clocks change, especially in the autumn.

I had always assumed there would be opposition from farmers in our region.

However, National Farmers' Union East Anglia spokesman Brian Finnerty said changing daylight-saving time was unlikely to make much difference to the round-the-clock business of East Anglian farming.

'The NFU doesn't have strong views on changing the clocks,' he said. 'The last time we tested opinion among our members there was a narrow majority in favour of lighter evenings.'

You will never please all of the people all of the time, and I'm sure there will be some sectors which would oppose a change, especially if it meant more darker mornings.

However, I can see massive benefits for tourism, safety, sport and general well being from sticking to BST.

In my experience, there are many more people who prefer more light later on than earlier in the day.

I'm a really early riser and despite that I'm in the keep BST camp.

In many ways change is good – but for me when it comes to clocks, change is bad news.