Three things I’ve learned about Great Yarmouth

Andrew Fitchett shares the things he's learned by working in Great Yarmouth. Picture: Antony Kelly

Andrew Fitchett shares the things he's learned by working in Great Yarmouth. Picture: Antony Kelly - Credit: Archant

I'm coming up to six months working in Great Yarmouth, so now seems a good time to reflect on what I've learned about the town.And since everything good comes in threes, here's my Yarmouth trio.

1. There's no better place to be in the summer – and winter isn't bad either

I started here in June, and straight away got into the swing of seaside living. Chips on the market, a walk on the beach and poking around in shops on Regent Road are all made better when the sun is shining – even if the seagulls are a nuisance.

But I've also found the last few weeks to be illuminating.

If I'm honest, I wasn't expecting much from a Yarmouth autumn, having been told the town basically goes into hibernation.

But it has surprised me. Stunning sunrises across Breydon Water were the highlight, but the Christmas market stalls and huddling up in a cafe with a bowl of soup and a coffee have provided some lovely wintry moments.

2. The people are dynamite

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Never have I worked in a town with so much passion flowing through it. People in every town care about their community – but people round here really care.

The mail sack here at Yarmouth's EDP outpost is always bulging, our Facebook page is constantly attracting comments and discussion, and we have so many visitors to the office, it can be hard to keep up.

There are also young people at our schools and colleges brimming with ideas and enthusiasm, and proving the doubters wrong with some outstanding exam results.

3. The business community is thriving

I was at the Spirit of Enterprise Awards last month and was amazed and inspired by the ingenuity, passion and industriousness of our businesses.

There's so much going on here. It wasn't long ago that Yarmouth was just known for herring and end-of-the-pier shows.

Now there are dynamic offshore energy companies, thriving independent shops, and even cutting edge fashion brands in the town.

Great Yarmouth isn't perfect – I'm not sure I'll ever love the seagulls – but where is?

What it is is a thriving town with character, a lot of fun, and a bright future.