The day I forgot my own name... on live radio

Can't remember names? Then join the club...

Can't remember names? Then join the club... - Credit: PA

Opinion: So being forgetful is a good thing? They've clearly never met me, says Sharon Griffiths

Forgetting things is good for you.

Scientists have now found out that memory lapses are a good thing as they delete the rubbish cluttering up your brain to make more room for important things.

So why is it always the irrelevant stuff you remember and the important stuff you forget? They haven't got the answer for that one, have they?

Like I still remember birthdays and phone numbers of people I was in school with and haven't seen since. I can remember my BBC staff number more than 30 years after I left, but have to concentrate to remember my banking password which I use every day.

But I don't see the scientists sorting that one out. Sometimes when I look at people and am groping for their name I can almost see a little warning sign flash up 'Insufficient memory space!' and wish I could just plug a USB into my ear.

It's not even old age…

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When I was still in my twenties I once forgot my own name. On a live radio programme. Not good. Pretty high in the embarrassing moments list actually.

Then there was a time when I put the empty tuna tin down for the cat to lick. Only we haven't got a cat. Have never even had a cat.

Worst of all was when I was only twelve or so and saw a woman walking down the street who I thought was vaguely familiar. Did she work in Smiths? Or Woolworths? Was she a friend of my parents? Then I realised - she was my sister…

So if I ever demand imperiously 'Don't you know who I am?' it will just be because I've forgotten again

Let's hope by then the scientists will come up with the answer.