The daunting scale of the Tory rebellion

As the ramifications of last night's shenanigans over the Lords reform programme motion sink in, people seem to have forgotten there was actually a vote on the main piece of legislation as well.

The government won as it had the support of most Labour MPs. But it's still interesting to take a look at what Tories did in that main vote on the legislation.

If one excludes the payroll vote, only 80 Tories voted for Lords reform, but 91 voted against it and 20 abstained. Meanwhile around a third of the 2010 intake were rebels.

It all shows that if Cameron does get over the programme motion issue and plans on getting this Bill through in the future, he is going to be faced with a Herculean task.

Even if it does pass through the Commons, such has been the rebellion that the Lords are likely to be emboldened and do their best to pull it deeper into the mud.